IDGAF – Pophariini
IDGAF – Pophariini

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Client Name:

IDGAF – Pophariini

Project Year:

2020 - 2022


Devy Setiawan


Just About Right (IDGAF 2020)Devy Setiawan (IDGAF 2021)Devy Setiawan (IDGAF 2022)


Live Streaming, Video On Demand, Rundown, News Feed, Reaction Button, Art Submission (IDGAF 2021)

Short Description

I Don’t Give A Fest (IDGAF) is a multiplatform streaming festival that presents a variety of content, ranging from music performances with special collaborations, talk shows, art exhibitions, quizzes with attractive prizes, and comedy acts that are ready to entertain the audience.