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[AW] Center

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[AW] Center

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Devy SetiawanArly D


Devy Setiawan


News, Leader Info, OPP info, SMS Masking, SMS Blast

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[AW] Center Network is a multi-level marketing community from Melia Sehat Sejahtera (Melia Nature). [AW] Center blackberry application was created to provide information to [AW] Center Network members regarding OPP information, latest news updates, leader information and subscribe to Short Message Service (SMS) Motivation which will be sent via SMS masking.

Testimony regarding to this project
  • Andre Walkers

    Andre Walkers

    myBro Devy Setiawan, Seorang Jenius dan berbakat dalam Mengelola membangun sebuah web dengan kesesuaian permintaan cliennya, He’s good at it! trus Berkarya Bro #tetapSMANGAT!